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Equity in Action

With other city council members, I'm going to solve our top three priorities: the deficit, affordable housing, and police reform. Equity in Action means independently generating alternate streams of income, coalition strengthening, and leaning into community support to solves the three top priorities facing our City.

City Deficit. As a City Council Member, I will not accept a salary. Instead, I will donate this amount to develop alternative streams of income for our City. Alternative streams of income include fundraising, local event sponsorship, and creating a foundation that supports specific City initiatives. This plank does not rely on our City’s limited resources. Instead, this plank provides additional streams of income for the City through fundraising and volunteer opportunities.

Affordable Housing. Along with other City Council Members, we will seek out a more diverse array of developers who have a passion for creating homes from low cost, high-quality alternative building materials, and homes that are tech-savvy and eco-friendly for our City’s essential workers. Engaging such developers will significantly reduce the cost of building affordable homes while ensuring such homes enrich our City. Working with City Council Members, this plank seeks diverse developers whose primary mission is to create homes for essential workers.

Police Investigation. Along with other City Council Members, we will appoint an independent commission to conduct a strict scrutiny review of current policing policies and tactics. Such a review will culminate in a public report to the City Council and City residence. Among other things, this report will detail areas within the El Cerrito police force that require reform. Working with City Council Members, this plank seeks to investigate current practices and develop reforms that will protect people first.

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